Introducing Radio NIGP's First-Ever Radio Show!

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 24, 2021  /   0

Have you heard about NIGP Radio?

The March 24th Broadcast features the word (topic) of the day Best and Final Offer (BAFO).  Be sure to check it out!  
Oh yeah, and yours truly make a brief appearance at about the 23-minute mark! 

Below is taken directly from the NIGP website:

We are incredibly excited to introduce RADIO NIGP. A talented team of procurement colleagues created our first-ever radio program. Radio NIGP gives a new vibe and a new twist to the world of procurement. Get ready to listen, learn and be entertained!

What's Ahead

Radio NIGP will be produced monthly with segments that include "Legally Speaking", "Word of the Day", "Tech Tip" as well as guest commentaries, interviews and compelling news that will keep you connected and engaged with NIGP and the procurement community. Look for more enhancements as we grow this innovative radio program.

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